Short-Range Chases

Short-range chases use the Chase rules in GURPS Action 2: Exploits, pp. 31-53.  Begin by rolling 1d for starting range.  (Need a die roller?)

1- Close, 2 – Short, 3-4 – Medium, 5 – Long, 6 – Extreme.

Each chase round, roll to determine which chase maneuver the quarry attempts – unless they are forced to take an “Emergency Action,” or similar, in which case, they will attempt that. Simply re-roll any result if everyone agrees it is quite inappropriate.   The PCs, who are in pursuit, can choose any maneuver they wish – but if they attempt to perform a maneuver that requires “suitable scenery,” see below.

Quarry Chase Maneuvers 

Roll 1d, 1d.  (Need a die roller?)

1-3, 1-5 Move
1-3, 6 Move & Attack
4-6, 1 Attack (if appropriate)
4-6, 2 Embark (usually a horse; possibly stolen)
4-6, 3 If close range: Force.  If Mdm or Long: Hide
4-6, 4 Mobility Escape
4-6, 5 Stunt
4-6, 6 Stunt Escape

“Suitable Scenery”

The quarry is always considered to have access to “suitable scenery” for any chase maneuver they attempt. The PCs have no such luck! To perform a maneuver that requires “suitable scenery,” the players must first make a relevant skill roll (e.g, Acrobatics, Riding etc) at a penalty of (Peril+5). This significantly increases the chance of failure and critical failure, but it does allow the player to exercise some GM-like control over their PC’s environment. The situation may seem unfair – the NPC quarry doesn’t need to do this – but on the other hand, the quarry’s maneuvers are decided at random, so we can call it even.