Special or Magic Items

Remember that, in most cases, these tables are meant to maintain the mystery of unidentified items, until the PCs actually manage to identify them using appropriate traits.  So only roll to determine things that the PCs can actually perceive!

The exception here is the “Unusual Items” category: I couldn’t find an easy way to maintain the mystery of these, so when an “Unusual Item” comes up, you’ll have to either be strict about keeping player knowledge seperate from character knowledge, or just declare that at least one of the PCs recognizes it automatically.  Not the best solution, I know…. but hey, free treasure system!

What Kind of Item Is This?

Roll 3d6.  (Need a die roller?)

3-7 Unusual Item
8-9 Book, Scroll, or Map
10-11 Weapon or Armor
12-13 Mysterious Fluid
14-18 Mysterious Powder