Fantasy Location Names – Miscellaneous

This page collects a bunch of little tables that I find useful for adding elements to fantasy location names.  The page contains the following tables:

  • Colors
  • More Colors
  • Shapes
  • Rulers
  • Miscellaneous Modifiers

Roll 1d, 1d. (Die roller)

1-5 1 Black
1-5 2 White
1-5 3 Red
1-5 4 Green
1-5 5 Yellow
1-5 6 Blue
6 1-2 Grey
6 3-4 Brown
6 5-6 Purple
More Colors
Roll 1d.  (Die roller)

1 Black White Red Green Yellow Blue Brown Grey Purple
2 Iron Pale Rose Green Yellow Blue Brown Ash Violet
3 Sable Bleached Scarlet Verdant Straw Azure Auburn Ashen Indigo
4 Dark Milky Vermillion Emerald Gold Cerulean Russet Hoary Lavender
5 Murky Silvery Ruby Jade Bronze Cobalt Chestnut Silver Lilac
6 Shadowed Cloudy Blood-red Verdigris Copper Sapphire Russet Tyrian
Roll 1d.  (Die roller)

1 Broad /Wide Thick
2 Thin/ Narrow
3 Deep/ Shallow
4 Long/ Short
5 Tall/Short/Stunted
6 Split/Cleft
Roll 1d.  (Die roller)

Feudal Northern Southern Eastern Mongol
1 King/Queen Konung/Drottning Caliph/Calipha Emperor/-ess Khaan/Khatun
2 Prince/-ess Aetheling/ Hlaefdie Vizier Prince/-ess Jinong/Gonji
3 Duke/Duchess Hertogi/Hertogafru Sultan/Sultana Duke/Duchess Khan/Khatun
4 Count/-ess Eorl/ Hlaefdie Emir/Emira Count/-ess Tumetu-iin
5 Baron/-ess Hersir/Hersirfru Qadi/Qadiya Baron/-ess Bey/Beiji
6 Lord/Lady Thegn/Hlaefdie Shayk/Shayka Lord/Lady Bey/Beiji
Miscellaneous Modifiers

This table is for all those times when you just want to add a bit of random flavor to a location.  It really is pretty random, though: use it at your peril!

Either roll 1d, 1d  (die roller) or choose a letter and roll 1d.  (Die roller)

1 1 1-2Bastard’s/of the Bastard 3-4Dishonored/of the Dishonored 3-4Lion/of Lions 5Rocky/of Rocks 6Sullen/of Sullenness
1 2 1-2Billowing 3-4Dolorous/of Dolor 3-4Leopard/of Leopards 5Rowan/of Rowans 6Stone-y/of Stone-s
1 3 1-2Brackish 5-6Dwindling/of Dwindling 3-4Lone-ly/of Loneliness 5Ruby-red/of Rubies 6Summer-time/of Summer-s-time
1 4 3-4Bleak/of Bleakness 5-6Dour/of the Dour 5-6Lavender/of Lavender 6Rush-es-ing/of Rushes 1-3Tearfall/of Tears
1 5 3-4Blasted 1-3Earth-born-bound-shaker-shaking/of the Earth-born-bound-shaker-shaking 5-6Lighthouse/of the Lighthouse-s 6Runaway/of the Runaway 1-3Twin-ned/of the Twins
1 6 3-4Brindled 1-3Exalted/of the Exalted 5-6Loud/of the Loud 6Regrets-ful/of Regret 4-6Treeless
2 1 5-6Branching 4-6Encircl-ed-ing/of Encirclement 5-6Lightning/of the Lightning-s 1Sundered/of Sundering 4-6Tarnished/of the Tarnished
2 2 5-6Brambly/of Brambles 4-6Echoing/of Echoes 1-2Monk’s of the Monk 1Silent/of Silence 1Weasel/of Weasels
2 3 5-6Brooding 1-2Falcon’s/of Falcons 1-2Mist/of the Mist 1Soundless/of Sounds 1Water/of Waters
2 4 1Captains’/of Captains 1-2Finch/of Finches 1-2Maiden/of the Maiden 1Sandy/of Sands 1Way/of Ways
2 5 1Cat/of Cats 1-2Frog/of Frogs 3-4Moated/of the Moat 1Skerry/of Skerries 1Weather
2 6 1Cave-ern/of Cave-s-erns 3-4Fourfold /of the Meteor 2Sour/Sourness 1Wet
3 1 1Clay/of Clay 3-4Fivefold 3-4Mother’s/of the Mother 2Salt/of Salt 2Wife
3 2 2Cliff/of Cliffs 3-4/of Fifty 3-4Meandering/of Meandering 2Sacrificial/of Sacrifice-s 2Watch/of Watching
3 3 2Capstan 5-6Forked 3-4Melancholy/of Melancholy 2Sad/of Sadness 2Whistling/of Whistles
3 4 2Cartographer’s 5-6Falcon-s-er’s/of Falcons 5-6Mourn-ful-ing/of Mourn-ing 2Sorrow-ing-ful/of 3Sorrows 2Wood-ed-ling/of Wood-s-lings
3 5 2Cobalt 5-6Feather-ed/of Feathers 5-6Mole’s/of the Mole 3Shell/of Shells 3Warm
3 6 3Copper 5-6Finch-es/of Finches 5-6Moth’s/of Moths 3Sighing/of Sighs 3Wasp
4 1 3Crimson 1-3Godless/of the Godless 1-3Narrow-ing-ed 3Sound-ing-ed/of Sound-s-ing 3Weary/of Weariness
4 2 3Cracked 4-6Gust-y-ing/of Gusts 4-6New 3Spray/of Sprays 3Waver-ing
4 3 3Clan’s/of Clans 1-3/of the Hand Old-er-est-ing-ed/of Old 4Stallion/of Stallions 4Waxing
4 4 4Coral/of Coral-s 1-3Hazy/of Haze 1Running 4Scarlet / of Scarlet 4Wayward
4 5 4Coward’s/of Cowards 1-3Hawk/of the Hawk 1Red-dened-dening 4Speechless 4Weak
4 6 4Crenelated/of Crenelations 1-3Herbiferous/of Herbs 1Rambl-ing-e-run/of the Rambler 4Sedged/of Sedge 4Weeping/of Weeeping
5 1 4Crystal-line/of Crystals 4-6Horned /of the Horn 2Rose-y-Red/of Roses 4Seven-th/of Seven 5White/ of White
5 2 5Cragg-ed-y/of Crags 4-6Hobnailed/of Hobnails 2Russet 4Silt-ed-ing/of Silt-s 5Wide
5 3 5Cracked/of Cracks 4-6Hooked/of Hooks 2Raftbearer/of Rafts 5Silvan 5Wain/of Wains
5 4 5Craven/of Craven-s-ness 4-6Hundred 2Rusted/of Rust-s 5Slant-ed-ing 5Wander-ing-er’s/of Wanderers
5 5 5Crescent/of Crescents Ireful/of Ire 3Raptor-range/of Raptors 5Smitten 6Whim-sy/of Whims-y
5 6 6Queen’s/of Queens 1-3Jade/of Jade 3Reed-y-bed-run-bearer/of Reeds 5Song/of Songs 6Wayfarer’s/of Wayfarers
6 1 6King-’s/of Kings 4-6Jaded 3Reliance/of Reliance 5Spurned/of the Spurned 6Whisker/of Whiskers
6 2 6Key/of Keys 1-2Lament-s-ing-ation/of Lament-s-ing-ation 3Ripe-en-ed-ing/of Ripening 5Spring-time/of Spring-s-time 6Weight-y/of Weight
6 3 6Kindred/of Kin 1-2Longing /of Longing 4Ringing/of Ringing 5Stilted 6Wan
6 4 1-2Deft 1-2Low 4Ris-en-ing 6Somber
6 5 1-2Dented 1-2/of Loaves 4Ring-giver/of Rings 6Straying/of Strays
6 6 1-2Disloyal/of the Disloyal 3-4Languid 5Runrife 6Sunken