A System for Generating Treasure During Play

These tables are designed to help you generate hoards of treasure on the fly.

They’re heavily based on GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 8 – Treasure Tables, and you will definitely require that supplement in order to make sense of them.  (And it’s a damned good supplement, so you should get it anyway!)

But these tables differ from the treasure tables in DF 8 in two main ways.

  1. These treasure tables generate results that (roughly) match the scale of the challenge you’ve faced.  Low Peril adventures will generate minimal treasure, whereas high Peril adventures will have rewards to match their risks.
  2. For the most part, these tables are player-facing rather than GM-facing, and thus try to maintain the mystery of unidentified items until the PCs actually manage to identify them.  An example: when you first roll up a special item, the system might tell you simply that it’s a sword.  The PCs then have to investigate further using Magery or skills like Armory (Hand Weapons), Connoisseur (Weapons), etc, before you roll to determine whether it’s a fine, or crappy, or magical, sword.

Like most things on the site, these treasure tables are designed to slot into my collaborative play system, for GM-less or solo play.  But you can easily use them in a normal GM-and-players game, too, either during prep or during play.  (It can be fun just to wing it and let the players roll up their own treasure, when the appropriate time comes. These tables provide for this, while keeping the GM more or less in control, because s/he determines the treasure size and sets the Peril rating.)

Right – without further ado, on to the treasure tables!



Discovering Treasure

Treasure hoards come in three basic sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.  Each size is rated for Peril, so that, for example, you might get a “Small Peril 6 Hoard” , a “Large Peril 1 hoard,” or whatever.

To determine the composition of a particular hoard, first determine its size and Peril rating.   If you’re using the rest of the system on this site, these things have already been determined for you. If you’re using these tables with another system, eyeball it, or roll randomly.

Once you know the hoard’s size and Peril rating, roll below to determine how many distinct treasure elements are present.

“How Many Treasure Elements Are In This Hoard?”

Small Treasures Roll for [Peril/2] treasure elements
Medium Treasures Roll for [Peril] treasure elements
Large Treasures Roll for [Peril+1d6l] treasure elements.  (Need a die roller?)

Then, for each treasure element, roll on the table below

“What Kind of Treasure Element is This?”

Roll 3d6 for each treasure element.  (Need a die roller?)

3-7 Special or Magic Item
8-12 Coins
13-18 Miscellaneous Treasure