Temian’s World

The Temian Fell adventures take place in an original fantasy world that I built using this procedural system.  You can also watch the world being created, if you’re interested.

The World Map

Here’s a complete world map.  It’s more-or-less up to date (though I may get a few sessions behind now and then!)

World Map - Constantly Updated

Here are some larger, zoomable versions of the world map:

The Gazetteer

I’ve also been posting a “Gazetteer” – a kind of travel guide to the world, realm by realm.  Here are all the Gazetteer posts so far:

Civilized Realms

  • Valiroth –  A militaristic land governed by a caste of winged warriors.  The proud defenders of the realms of men.  
  • RasitarA rich, cultured, and sophisticated little Kingdom in the hills overlooking the River Rulerun. 
  • Halandia (Whitevale)A tiny, pretty, hilly realm cradled among steep chalk cliffs, overlooking the confluence of the Mistrill and the Cairnflood.

Semi-Civilized Realms

  • EldervaleA steep-sided river-valley, cradled by rugged mountains.  The mountainsides are dotted with ancient ruins.  People who come from here are considered a little fey. 
    • DunmossA medium-sized town on the Cairnflood river, built atop the ruins of a mysterious ancient city.  The town at the heart of Eldervale.

Wilderness Regions

  • The WistwildsA  wild stretch of the Northern mountains, known for its great natural beauty.

Monstrous Realms


World Notes