GURPS · Solo

Introducing a new series: Solo Adventures, using GURPS!

Classic - Entering the Dungeon
The solo adventure that started it all for me…

I hereby launch my new series!  And the crowd goes wild!

Over the next few [weeks?  months?  years?  who knows!?!] I’m going to be posting session reports from actual GURPS sessions, like so many other excellent people do….

… but with a difference!  You see, they’re going to be solo sessions. 

Yup, it’s just going to be me here, playing with no GM at all.  In place of a GM, I’m going to be using the vast collection of tables on this site (plus some others I haven’t posted yet)…

Who knows if this grand experiment will succeed?  Not me!  But I think (hope?) it will be a lot of fun regardless.

See the “Adventures of Temian Fell” tab above for links to all the posts in the series thus far – updated as they come!





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