Happy first birthday to myself – and announcing a new campaign!

Exactly one year ago today, I published the first post here on The Collaborative Gamer.  And with that as my excuse, today I’ll make a small announcement.

I’ve been unusually slow in posting this week.  Why, you might ask?  Well, because I’m cooking up some things behind the scenes…

You see (cue: announcement) I’m starting a new face-to-face group.  We’re playing GURPS (naturally!) and I’m GMing (just for the moment?  We’ll see).  We have our first session this Friday, so I’ve been busy helping people with characters, preparing the adventure, etc etc.

I’m planning to use the blog to share a lot of the stuff I come up with for the campaign.  And since, by a happy quirk of circumstance, none of my new players know about this blog, I’ll be free to use it as a testing-ground for adventure ideas, long-term plot plans, and so on.  So hopefully that will keep you interested, dear reader, whoever you are!

Anyway, more to come soon.

Happy gaming!


8 thoughts on “Happy first birthday to myself – and announcing a new campaign!

    1. Yes, we’re starting with a few test sessions of Dungeon Fantasy, just to see if the group vibe is right, and if the logistics work.

      And yes, I’ll be setting it in Temian’s world – which is a bit odd, to be honest, since my Temian campaign is more “low fantasy” and DF is, of course, over the top. But hopefully the world can sustain two different tones at once without breaking… We shall see!


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