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My PCs’ plans for next session….

The PCs in my new Dungeon Fantasy campaign are probably going to embark on their first journey next session, and I thought I’d use this short post to map out their probable route.

They’re currently in Frith, the Sheltered City, and are almost certainly going to head off to investigate an ancient ruin that the old maps call The Temple of the Blindfolded God.

Let’s take a look at the map…


I’ve marked in red the two routes the PCs might take on their way from Frith to the Temple.

As you can see, the first leg of the journey is southwards.  Here the PCs have a choice of whether to go via land or sea.  Either way, they’re likely to end up at that town just inland of Greygrim Cove.

From there, they will probably head overland due east, skirting the southern edge of the Shivering Peaks, until they come to the Temple.

Whether they go by land or sea, they’re very likely to end up in that little town at Greygrim Cove.  So I think I probably ought to give some thought to what that town is like… so stay tuned for the next post, in which I do just that!

3 thoughts on “My PCs’ plans for next session….

  1. Unless… they decide to use the straight line route over the top of ‘The Shivering Peaks’. Seeing as at least one of the PC’s has done everything possible to avoid doing what you expected, it just might happen. Cue some Survival (Mountains) rolls 🙂


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