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Dungeon Fantasy RPG Smashes Stretch Goal 2!

Just a quick post to share the joy – the DF Kickstarter has just reached the second stretch goal, which has two great benefits;

  1. Now we all get $10 off shipping.  That’s not as exciting to think about as new swag, but it actually makes  big difference to the cost of the whole thing.
  2. This clears the way to the more fun stretch goals to come – potentially, if things go really, really well, no less than three brand-new Dungeon Fantasy PDFs.

The second of these is a really thrilling prospect.  Bring on stretch goal 3!

As per this, and the subsequent voting, it looks at least one of the new PDFs is going to be a second sample dungeon .  Score!

And it looks as if a collection of magic items might well be one of the further PDFs, if they end up getting produced.  Score again!  (though I must admit I’m even more excited about the extra starter dungeon – you can’t have too many pre-packaged  adventures, in my book.)


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