HERO · Kickstarter

Your Last Chance to Punch Hitler!

Darren Watts’ Golden Age Champions Kickstarter is approaching its closing hours now – if “superheroes punching Nazis” is your idea of a good time, then don’t forget to get in on it, before it’s too late! If you want some assurances about quality before backing the Kickstarter, you might want to read this post.  There,… Continue reading Your Last Chance to Punch Hitler!

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9th Seal broken; ZOMBIES unleashed!

News just in: The Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter has just broken $200,000, including Warehouse 23 GURPS sales.  Amazing! This means that the ninth magical seal (vulgarly called “Stretch Goal”) has now been broken. And, just as I (totally unwittingly) predicted yesterday, horrible monsters have indeed been unleashed! It’s just been formally announced that everyone backing at… Continue reading 9th Seal broken; ZOMBIES unleashed!

GURPS · Kickstarter

DF Kickstarter reaches stretch goal 8!

And here we are again, celebrating another rapidly-passed milestone.  Now we all get special dice – not a big deal, but fun.  More importantly, it means the Kickstarter is really flying forwards in its final hours. Actually, it’s particularly impressive to have knocked down this stretch goal during the last few hours, since it was… Continue reading DF Kickstarter reaches stretch goal 8!