GURPS Books via Print-On-Demand!

GURPS Magic.jpgIn case you hadn’t yet heard, SJGames is testing the waters to see if print-on-demand is viable, as a way of distributing hard copies of GURPS books.

The three books currently available are all wonderful books, essential to any committed GURPS gamer’s repertoire.  They are:


GURPS Thaumatology

GURPS Thaumatology.jpgGURPS Ultra-Tech

Note that you can buy the new POD versions via the standard Amazon storefront, too – in fact, those are the pages I’ve linked to above.  Useful if you get free shipping or whatever that way.

Needless to say, this is all brilliant news for GURPS gamers.

And it’s brilliant for two reasons.

  1. It’s great to be able to get these three books in hard copy again – and easily and cheaply.  (And possibly with free shipping, too!)
  2. If this goes well, then we may be getting hard copies of GURPS books on a more regular basis.  Score!

GURPS Ultra-Tech.jpgIf you have even a slight impulse to support these new POD initiatives, please do!  As I said, SJGames have announced that they’re testing the waters, to determine the viability of such things in future – and needless to say, it would be amazing to see more regular GURPS releases available in hard copy via a print-on-demand service.

(And in the meantime, don’t forget about Warehouse 23’s 40% off GURPS PDFs sale.)

Of course, all of this is just additional evidence of the fact that we live in a glorious time for GURPS.  The true GURPS Renaissance is just around the corner!


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